December 27, 2011

Delightful December Day 27

Dear Reader,

It was excellent to have a day off work yesterday.  Our office takes few days off so I treasure each of them.  Today was a happy day as it is the reveal day at Studio Calico.

Today I wanted to showcase a few classes online to help with documenting 2012:

1. Studio Calico's Photo-A-Day with Nicole Samuels
Speaking of Studio Calico, they have a new very modestly priced class that would tie in with Project Life or any sort of day to day chronicling.

2. Twelve with Stacy Julian
A 12 week online workshop that looks jammed packed with great resources, tips, information and inspiration for scrapping in 2012 and into the future.

3. Ella Publishing Co.'s Take Twelve
This online "guided inspiration kit" is all themed around the number 12 with lists, prompts, sketches and other tools.

4. Aja Abney's Real Life, Captured
This is a 8 week long online workshop that includes a vibrant digital kit designed by Aja Abney to help you to capture your everyday.

5. Creative Jump Start Summit 2012
A *free* event meant to help you keep creative in 2012.  Sign up for the newsletter HERE.

Happy and merry creating,

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