December 17, 2011

Delightful December Day 17

Dear Reader,

Do you have those nights when you can't get a break when you and sleep are parted way too many times?  My dogs decided to wake me up from my blissful slumber several times during the night.  Can I use the threat of Santa Claus putting them on the naughty list to get them to sleep through the night?  Of course that will work.

Now on to something that is a great deal more fun, today's links:

1. Secret Elf Gift Tag Freebie by Celeste Rockwood-Jones
She's the terrific graphic designer behind some of Basic Grey's lines like Eskimo Kisses and she has a secret elf tag freebie for everyone (and on the right-hand bar are a few more fantastic freebies.  You will also want to search through her blog as there are more freebies not listed there.  I used the Halloween labels at last year's Halloween party found HERE).  HERE are some lovely Christmas tags.

2. Christmas Card Mini Book by Dawn McVey
Do you collect all those wonderful Christmas cards you receive year after year and don't know what to do with your favorites?  Dawn McVey has a great idea to showcase them in a mini book.

3. Marcy Penner's December Daily
I can't believe I haven't shared her December Daily with you yet because I have become quite a fan of her work and follow her blog pretty regularly now.  Her work has a lovely use of white space while  feeling handmade and ethereal.

Happy and merry creating,

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