December 23, 2011

Delightful December Day 23

Dear Reader,

Last night a friend came over and showed us how to tie big puffy ribbon bows on presents.  I unfortunately can barely tie a bow on a card so the art is lost on me.  Regardless, I appreciate a beautifully wrapped gift and perhaps no one does more than my mom who rather have the prettily wrapped present than the gift in it.

I hope this day is a joyous one for you.  To help here are some links with lovely projects:

1. December Daily Photos by Paislee Press
Liz Tamanaha is the designer behind Paislee Press which are some of the most beautiful digital products around.  You can get a bit of her aesthetic sensibility just from this blog post.  Simple and beautiful.  Plus her daughters are adorable. 

2. Sale at Market Street Stamps
This is a new stamp company with some great looking stamps.  I especially love all the backgrounds they have and I am thinking their sale is just the push I need to try them out.

3. Betsy Veldman's Peppermint Packaging
Betsy Veldman never disappoints...she always creates lovely projects and she has some sweet red and white peppermint packaging for your viewing pleasure.

Happy and merry creating,

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