December 19, 2011

Delightful December Day 19

Dear Reader,

The baking for gifts (with the important exception of the biscotti I promised to bake my sister) is officially over (imagine how "over" is dramatically said in the dubbed version of "Iron Chef")!  The majority of the delivery is being done today.   I hope everyone enjoys the goodies.

Here are some fun links for today:

1. Documenting December with SMASH
SMASH are cool books you can use to capture memories, ideas, pictures, etc.

2. Darcie Heater Designs' Pennant Tutorial and Freebies
A pretty pennant with instructions for you to use and decorate as you please.

3. Flickr Fans of Lawn Fawn Holiday Cards
Some really adorable and creative cards to get you going on those last minute cards.

4. Countdown to Christmas with Chari Moss (Day One)
Speaking of Lawn Fawn, go to Lawn Fawn design team member, Chari Moss' blog for a project every day until Christmas...they are a real treat.
Day Two HERE
Day Three HERE
Day Four HERE
Day Five HERE
Day Six HERE

Happy and merry creating,

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