June 29, 2010

Shop Talk: A Strenuous Recommendation

I can't believe June is nearly over and I haven't posted since early May.  I have some half written posts that are at various stages, but they aren't complete obviously.  I feel I must rectify this by at least posting once.

Where have I been you may (or probably not) ask.  I have been sucked into technology actually.  I recently have been keeping up with all those digital scrapbook sites, looking into online classes and listening to the ever amusing and interesting Paperclipping podcasts.  Anyone listen to these?  What do you think?  I find them to be wonderful and I am listening to them all the time right now...as I brush my teeth (seriously), go to sleep, etc.  I love shop talk.  I have a couple of friends that I talk with about art and all things related and we can talk until the end of days and still have more to chat about.  We discuss stamps, paper, paint, companies, artists, digital design, classes, new products, old products, how evil Martha Stewart is (she is I swear to always find ways to make me covet her products), Tim Holtz, scrapbooking, websites, blogs, time, organization, projects here and there, kit companies, and on and on.  So listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable and Paperclipping Digi Show is like ambrosia (as in food of the art and crafting gods) to me. 

The all important links:
Paperclipping Roundtable (available on iTunes FREE)
Paperclipping Digi Show (available on iTunes FREE)

They also offer a membership for their copious amount of video tutorials (very well done from the clips I have seen).  I plan on joining at some point because Noell and Izzy Hyman (the couple behind Paperclipping) deserve the support.

If you haven't already discovered these shows, GO.  It is catnip for scrapbookers, memory artists or anyone interested in listening to various subjects regarding creating, organization, process, design, the industry, photography, digital scrapbooking, etc.


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