June 13, 2012

Meet the Papier Family

Dear Readers,

I want to introduce you to the Papier Family, a diverse family of eccentrics that live in a sprawling old estate named Verdigris Hall.  Where Verdigris Hall exists is a mystery and how to happen upon it is through the magic of imagination. 

The first members of the Papier Family you will meet are Marcel, Sophie, Louise and Luc.

Now don't tell anyone, but I have a bit of a crush on Marcel with his dapper suit, hats, cane and curling mustache.  This is one urbane gentleman who is always immaculately turned out no matter where he is going (even ventures to the beach require a special three piece bathing suit). Marcel is an arbiter of the arcane and curious...automatons, clocks, flying ships and ciphers being some of his interests.

Sophie is a super sweet girl that loves to give and receive gifts including hearts, balloons and candy...every day she celebrates a birthday even if it is for a frog she happens upon while playing near Veridian Pond, a famous person, a character in a book or Annette at the bakery (she's a constant visitor as Sophie has a sweet tooth).

Louise (Lulu to friends and everyone is her friend) is a great believer in friendship.  She is never without her winged friend, Mimi.  Lulu is a lover of plants and flowers and she spends hours in the gardens, conservatory and greenhouse.  She writes letters to numerous friends from across the globe many of them met through her quest to cultivate the perfect bloom.

With his boundless energy, if Luc isn't consumed in his endless sports watch out because he is pulling an outlandish prank...Lulu once woke up to find herself and Mimi sleeping in the huge cage in the conservatory with the displaced birds inhabiting her bedroom.

The Papier Family will be showing up a whole lot more often and you can take them home from paper wings productions on Friday, June 15, 2012.

If you want to introduce yourself to them they would love to meet you!

Also, check out The Aviary this week for swatches from projects using the all new paper wings productions stamps and today's post HERE to see Louise in action.  

Happy creating,

June 8, 2012

Coming Soon

Dear Reader,

Holy Toledo...I can't believe I didn't post at all here in May!  I am here and busy.  In fact for anyone interested some new designs of mine (aka post script press) are going to be released by paper wings productions on June 15th.  I will have to introduce you to them soon.  There are sneak peeks to the new stamps on The Aviary this week and next.  If you want to see a peek at mine specifically please look at this post HERE. Which are mine?  The first two (they are each part of a series of stamps).  Wait until you see them in action...they are fun!

Oh and anyone in the San Antonio area, this Sunday (June 10, 2012) you will be able to buy the new stamps before anyone else at Stamp Antonio (noon-4 p.m.).  Plus, we will be doing some fun *free* make n' takes using the brand new stamps (try before you buy).

Happy creating,


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