April 4, 2010

Blog Makeover A

I will not admit to the exact amount of time I spent fiddling around with my new header and tweeking the design of the blog because upon seeing the changes you will not understand how it took as long as it did.  Then again it took me 2 hours to make a salad for dinner tonight so perhaps that will give a glimpse into my world (to redeem myself a little I did make a carnivore and vegan version of the salad and it was met with approval by both camps).

I do wish to mention where I got all of the gorgeous brushes I used for the header (although truthfully my header is a poor example of the beauty of these designs that Rhonna Farrer designed.  I will probably be continuing to make new headers until I love my header).  I have written of House of 3 before, but I don't think I can heap enough praises upon the ladies of House of 3.  I could happily buy every product at House of 3 and they also have a great live webshow every Wednesday.  Okay, enough pitching.  Go and find out on your own if you like and start playing around with brushes (very addicting).

Have a brilliant night and thanks for calling at the Hall.

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