June 27, 2013

Making the Move From Google Reader

July 1st marks the end of Google Reader and like many I am shuffling to find an alternative.  One is Bloglovin' which allows you to follow blogs and make a very seemless switch from Google Reader. 

I am including a new way to follow my blog through Bloglovin':

 Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I am also on Feedly.  It is also very easy to transfer all of your information from Google Reader to Feedly.

Both Bloglovin' and Feedly are beautiful.  I figure if one way to follow a blog is good than two are better...you just never know which is sort of like packing extra underwear on trips.

Whatever you decide, make sure to do it before July 1st so you can transfer all of your information from Google Reader in just a few short minutes.

Happy creating,

1 comment :

Helen F. said...

Hey thanks for the reminder about this Google Reader change over...
When you get a minute, stop by cause I left some Bloggy luv for ya :)


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