September 13, 2013

Coupon Code for Stamping Goodness!

Hello there friends.  Call this a public service announcement or enabler alert, but I have for you an awesome coupon code (scroll down to near the bottom of this post for the code) that will get you 25% off of your order till the end of the month from Paper Wings Productions.  They have even just had a brand new release featuring some fairies and stellar background stamps.

I thought I would round up a few recommendations for you (some for the autumn season and some can be used any time, all the time) to help with your shopping experience (aren't I sweet?):


Fairies Clear Stamp Set (love the gnome!)



There are so many other awesome products so head over to Paper Wings Productions and find your favorites and use the code for 25% off your entire purchase until the end of the month!

What is the code you ask?  PWP*FAN7 

How do I use the code?  At checkout click the Add Coupon button.  Type in  PWP*FAN7 and press submit.

Should you need some inspiration or to see these products in action go on over to The Aviary.

Happy creating,

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